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Dr Alex Yellowlees, B.Sc, M.B. Ch.B, M.R.C. Psych.,M.Phil

If you are reading this then it is likely that you are interested in psychological health or in personal development. This may be either in specific relation to one of your patients or clients or possibly for yourself or on behalf of others in your life or work.

I am a Doctor of Medicine and a Medical Director of the Priory Hospital in Glasgow. I practise as a Consultant Psychiatrist and have clinics in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Increasingly my work has involved not only healing but helping individuals and organisations to incorporate the scientific and psychological knowledge of our times into their personal and business lives in understandable and effective ways.

My desire is to help people to maximise their personal potential and to achieve higher levels of personal and business success; to empower themselves and others.

Very best wishes

Alex Yellowlees, B.Sc, M.B. Ch.B, M.R.C. Psych.,M.Phil

B.Sc, M.B. Ch.B, M.R.C. Psych.,M.Phil

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