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The Science of Healing
and the Art of Caring

Physical therapists usually work with people with orthopaedic issues ; joint and soft tissue injuries, workplace injuries including repetitive stresses and strains, also sports injuries.

The individualised, "hands on" approach that characterises physical therapist care is highly valued by patients. When a physical therapist sees a patient for the first time, he or she examines that individual and develops a plan of care that promotes the ability to move,, restores function, and aims to prevent further discomfort. The physical therapist and the patient then work side-by-side to make sure that the goals of the treatment plan are met.

From this website you can find out about Phyiscal Therapy and Myofascial Release Therapy.

We can often all feel that we need some form of treatment. I am committed to providing advice on which treatments would best suit you . Please feel free to contact me for a consultation. If you want to discuss individual treatments simply call . We have consulting rooms which are convenient for Dundee, Perth, Falkirk and Edinburgh.

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