About Dr. Alex Yellowlees

Dr Alex Yellowlees is Medical Director of the Priory Hospital in Glasgow and a Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in the treatment of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other emotional difficulties on an outpatient, daypatient or inpatient basis.

He can be contacted and consulted at the Priory Hospital, 38 Mansionhouse Road Glasgow G41 3DW.

Tel 01416366116

Over the years he has participated regularly in radio and television programmes such as the Hour Show and in documentaries on mental health related issues.

He has published and co-authored five books on emotional health issues and on eating disorders and for several years also wrote a weekly self help column in the Glasgow Herald Newspaper called the ‘Mind Clinic’.

Dr Yellowlees is available to give presentations at a wide range of conference and training events. He also delivers part day or whole day workshops, on building self-estem and resilience.


Academic Qualifications

B.Sc., (Med Science) Edinburgh University 1974
M.B. Ch.B. Edinburgh University 1977
M.R.C Psych Royal College of Psychiatrists London 1981
M.Phil Edinburgh University 1984