Physical Therapy – FAQ

What is a Physical/Manual Therapist?

Physical/Manual therapists are professionals who work with people that have impairments, or limitations in their overall physical function. These deviations can be the result of disease, injury, postural or simply from lack of variety of movement.

How Long Does Physical /Manual Therapy Take?

How long will physical therapy take is a common question asked by many patients. Although the question itself is a simple one, the answer is much more difficult. It is very individual, both in duration of session and total required.

How Do I Set Appropriate Rehabilitation Goals?

Setting goals is the best way to achieve a successful rehabilitation outcome. When starting physical therapy, you must think what is it that you want to accomplish at the end of your program. The goals you set should be important to you. However, they must also be realistic and attainable. Your physical/manual therapist will then work with you to devise an appropriate treatment program to help achieve your rehabilitation goals.

What Conditions Does Physical /Manual Therapy Treat?

There are many conditions for which physical therapy is one of the key forms of treatment. Due to this there are several speciality areas in the field of physical /manual therapy. Although this is well known throughout the profession, it is often overlooked by the general public.